The Blind Pig

The Blind Pig is a unique take on a restaurant. We can be described as a modern day speakeasy, a library restaurant, or a book bar. Your choice. What we offer is good wine, good food, good books, and good times. We also offer a unique assortment of handmade and local made goods that are always a perfect gift to self or others. 

When you come to The Blind Pig grab a cup of artisan coffee or a glass of wine and peruse about the shop up front. There are so many things to feast your eyes on including the book collection. If you have a rumble in your belly move on back to the speakeasy where you can enjoy amazing food that can be perfectly paired with our wines. Sit a while. Read. Enjoy the free wi-fi. And relax in our homey atmosphere. 


For our opening month we will be featuring a unique secret recipe Blind Pig wine cocktail.