What is The Blind Pig

A Unique experience comes to paris


The Blind Pig is what I would call a modern day speakeasy. Business in the front, party in the back. At the front of The Blind Pig you will find a bookstore that also showcases handcrafted and local made goods along with other fabulous items. Pass through the door to the back and enter an entirely different world where good food is perfectly paired with good wine. The atmosphere is easy and laid back. No loud goings on please. When we have entertainment in house you will be soothed by acoustic music and maybe even a little jazz. The menu is unique and picked perfectly to highlight the available wines. Do come by and enjoy a cup of artisan coffee (no frou frou coffee here) or a glass of wine while perusing the available books and our wares. Then meander your way to the back to sit and chill while filling your belly and enjoying a glass of wine or two. By offering free wi-fi we do hope you come and sit a while and enjoy our carefully cultivated atmosphere. 

The Blind Pig: This is a slang term used in the 1920’s during the Prohibition area to refer to a speakeasy. 

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Cristy Burns

The Boss Lady

Hi everyone! I’m Cristy, the owner and boss lady of The Blind Pig. This business is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted a place that I could go and enjoy some good food, good conversation, good wine, and a fabulous book. Nowhere could I find this whole package so I created it. My hope is for you to find a place where you can relax and unwind from your daily grind. A place that feels homey. The Blind Pig is very special to me and I hope that it becomes special to you too!

“I could spend hours around books. Add some food and wine and I’m in Heaven.”

The Fam

My Mom and daughter


In my life family is everything. When I dreamed and designed The Blind Pig it was always with my family in mind. My Mom, Sherry, loves to create, decorate, and be around people so now she has a place to exercise her enjoyment. My daughter, Lovey, is the biggest people person I have ever met and she can sing her face off. I plan to work her like nobody’s business and let her entertain you with her vocal chops. You won’t be able to miss these two. Mom will be the eccentric lady behind the counter, and my daughter will be the curly platinum blonde singing everywhere she goes. If you encounter any of my fam say hello! Would love for you to get to know them. I happen to think they are pretty awesome!